New Music Alert: Oh Honey

My brother Mitchy hit me up a few months ago to tell me about a project he was working on. I’ve known him for a few years, we’ve performed together here and there, he is a great friend and an amazing artist. So I say screw it, I’m flying to the east coast anyway, let me crash on your couch for a couple days and I wanna check it out. Fast forward a few weeks to NYC (after a breakfast of Jose Ole taquitos) walking in the studio and Mitchy saying “check this out.” He played a couple half finished songs and I was instantly blown away. Mitch and Danielle Bouchard’s vocals mesh perfectly together, the instrumentation is organic but modern, and they even let me strum some mandolins and strange little guitars on a few of the tracks. But my pooly written review doesn’t mean a thing: Check out the video above for “Be Okay” then click below to hear the entire EP. This is some really special stuff. Enjoy.