Batkid – The Most Amazing Story of the Day

Today the Make a Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco (errrr Gotham..) teamed up to give the gift of a lifetime: After 5 year old Miles Scott’s leukemia went into remission, he declared that he wanted to be Batman. With the help of over 12,000 volunteers, Miles got to ride through the city in a donated batmobile (Lamborghini Aventador with Batman stickers,) save a hot babe, and catch the Riddler. Even President Obama sent out a video saying “Way to go Miles, way to save Gotham!” A ton has already been written about it so I wont bore with all of the details, but is there anything more heartwarming than a city shutting down and coming together so that a 5 year old cancer survivor can live out his dream? It’s incredible what people are capable of when they forget about their day to day “problems” and pitch in to make a difference.

Check out the photos: