Holiday Trend: Ugly Christmas Sweaters from Awesome Bands

A couple weeks ago I posted about the very in-demand Descendents Christmas Sweater. I finally got my hands on one after 3 years of them selling out before I could get a chance. Praise the merch gods above! I’m going to be wearing this every day in December.

The holidays always have this tacky air of commercialism – but I like that. I like that holidays can be kitschy and silly and fun. This year it started absurdly early, and I saw holiday decor in stores as early as Halloween. Can we get through Thanksgiving first? Apparently not, but I don’t really mind because it gives me an excuse to wear ugly Christmas sweaters outside of the month of December.

Lucky for me, if I ever had a shortage of tacky thrift store finds, some awesome bands (and my own band too) made some killer holiday sweaters! Now, some of these are from years past, but it’s still early, so I’m hoping that they’ll become available again this year.

Can someone buy me the Morrissey one? PUHLEEEEEEZ.

What do you think of this trend? Love it or leave it?