Lily Allen’s New Video Sparks Controversy: How Do You Feel?

We were all starving for some Lily Allen and we didn’t even know it. Remember the golden days of “Smile” and “F*ck You”? The diva of DGAF has returned with this bold new video that rips Hollywood’s chauvinism a new one. It takes on topics like body issues and the sexism of the video girl with the humor and style of an SNL Digital Short.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

The queen of 20-someting angst, Lena Dunham tweeted out in support of the vid saying “Aw hell yeah @lilyallen give ’em the business <3 “. Apparently this sparked quite a few opinions from her followers whom she went on to re-tweet:

Do you think the video MOCKS or PERPETUATES the idea of sexism?