LIGHTS: Cutest Pregnant Person Ever

LIGHTS is having a baby!! I am a huge fan of her music and her overall style. I feel like she is a great rolemodel when it comes to going after your dreams. She also seems so comfortable in her own skin, not conforming to being the typical sexy pop star or female artist. She is known for being a fan of video games and collecting knives, she is a bit of a tomboy. In her recent post on tumblr she says;

To quickly answer a few questions, we’re currently six months along, we won’t find out if it’s a girl or boy until D-day, and neither of us plan on stopping our journeys in music any time soon (in fact, I’ve already got album 3 in the works—two babies next year?).

I am VERY excited for her new music and I also think she looks so fabulous with her baby bump! Some celebs are in high heels and walking the red carpet showing off their belly in all the magazine features and cover. I think it is adorable that she is rocking her boots and leggings.