Jessi Jae Joplin’s Monday Photo Inspirations!

My brain has been all over the place these last few weeks (I blame it on Mercury retrograde)…and thus, my inspirations are a bit scattered all over the place. But nevertheless, I always find some sort of common theme in the things that inspire me. This bunch is sort of a nod to all things 90s…with a touch of grunge and punk rock (what else is new)…but mostly 90s films that for some reason haven’t left my mind lately. Like Romy and Michelle, 10 Things I Hate About You, Poison Ivy, SLC Punk, American Beauty…and so on. I’ve recently been revisiting all these movies and the style and themes resonate in my mind and I can’t let them go. There’s something about this era that I completely connect with. So I’d like to share a bit of that with you…and of course I threw in some other fun stuff just for your entertainment. Be inspired!

xoxo, Jessi Jae Joplin