From The Indie Vault: C. Kennett Baker

C. Kennett Baker – For fans of: just about everything 😉

C. Kennett Baker is an Oregon based indie singer/songwriter who sings from the heart. Upon reading his bio on his official website, I knew I had found a winner.

“It is a living, breathing entity. It is called music.

It has a heartbeat. Every note mingling with the next in a carefully orchestrated dance that can lift the spirits or elicit deep feelings of sorrow. For an instant, the musician has your soul as the rhythms of the music caress the mind.

The art form called music is all about manipulating sound, but it is also about the silence. A dynamic auditory selection of melodies, meters, and timbres coexist in the same space, and a song is born. Music has always been an important part of culture recording history and memories, and it can depict moments of great love or of bloody war.

Music is a lot like mathematics – that one subject most folks still cringe at when they hear the word. It is a symphony of carefully selected auditory numbers where one wrong turn and the whole equation just doesn’t make sense. There has to be a flow with a copacetic rhythm to create the piece. No, I am not a skilled mathematician when it comes to numbers, but I manipulate sounds to create beautiful musical scores that will tantalize and entice the mind and soul.”

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