Help Me To Certify Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” Music Video

My sweet girl Elena just asked me to spread the voice on all the social networks I have for help Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” music video to be VEVO certified once it reaches 100 million of views.

So here I am to ask you a little favor.

Personally I think also this video deserves to be VEVO certified, it came out more than one year ago and didn’t reach 100 million of views yet.

So what you have to do is simple:

1. Watch the video at least once per day

2. Tweet this:

“#YourBody music video deserves to be #VEVOcertified” or something similar, it’s important to use those hashtags + the link of the music video (the VEVO ones).

3. Spread the voice to all of your friends and say them to do the same (you can share the message in all your social networks profile: Facebook, Tumblr,, Instagram, Pinterest ect)

I really hope you can help me and help the video to reach 100 million of views at least at the end of this 2013. It’s just 10 million views left to the aim.