Tour Diary: Fun Sized Fest Tour Is Finally Over!

Sitting in a car for hours on end always puts me in a rather pensive mood. Most of the last two weeks have been spent in the back seat of our loud, rusted, broken down 1997 Dodge van (dubbed Big Red after a very long tour story that didn’t involve me and isn’t appropriate for me to tell). For me, it has really put our new record in perspective – the things I need to finish, the type of record I want to create and how far we’ve come since I packed up my mom’s minivan for the first time and headed out on tour. We are motivated now, more than ever, to make the most amazing full length we can possible make.

I’d like to say our tour was smooth sailing front to back, but that’d be impossible – especially in a car with a poor shock system (haha get it?). When you throw 7 people into a van, all you can do is roll with the punches, and sometimes it’s bad, but mostly it’s awesome. Even through the boughts of van breakdowns, driving friends to the Emergency Room, nights spent awake driving quietly, and shows that made me question why I am doing this, there were those overwhelming, tiny moments of undoubted confidence in the fact that we are all in the right place. We are exactly where we should be, on some dark road on the seemingly endless 95 South. We are exactly where we are supposed to be somewhere in Florida dodging stage divers and apologizing to the security for breaking the rules. We are exactly where we should be when I see all of your faces smiling back at us and mouthing the words to my life. And that erases everything bad completely.

No one said anything worth having was easy and that’s something we remind ourselves when we are chugging mountain dew at 5 a.m. and bracing for the sun to rise. There’s a certain low level in life when the Z Morning Zoo comes on the radio and you’re still awake (New York people, you know what I mean). It feels terrible, but knowing that you and your friends made it home and watching the sun rise over the forgotten warehouses and broken down factories in Newark, NJ is magical. It’s something not everybody gets to have and I feel so blessed that it’s mine.

Thank you to everyone who supports us and who made our last tour absolutely amazing! For those of you who are wondering what’s next – well, we’ll be back in the studio in the next couple of months to record a full length! I can’t wait!