Going Gray: 14 Girls Rocking Silver Strands

I’ll say it; I’ll say it right now: I, Mariel, shamefully admit I’ve been going gray since age 17. My ex-boyfriend used to help me pull them out because they were so offensive to him (he was a real standup guy) and now I’m in my 20s, and there’s too much for me to consider plucking. I’m not about to make myself bald in the name of youth. Luckily, it’s not that noticeable, and I frequently dye my hair silvery colors anyway, but who knows what it will look like by the time I turn 30.

In my opinion embracing your gray is the ultimate punk move. You’re telling a youth-focused culture that you won’t buy into their ageist mentality. You can be beautiful at any age with any hair.

Gray is fashionable, gray is natural, and honestly, is gray hair really that big of a deal? Last week I read an appalling news article focusing only on Kate Middleton going gray. There are people all over the world struggling just to live – surviving everything from natural disasters and awful diseases to heartbreak and loss – and the world is concerned about the fact that barely 30-year-old Kate Middleton has 5 visible gray hairs on her royal head. And she didn’t have the decency to dye it while she was busy giving birth and raising a newborn. Tsk, tsk, Kate.

Many of us aren’t even turning gray naturally. Those of us who dye our hair dreamy pastel shades of purple, blue and green…well…eventually we all turn gray too. Not all of us can keep up with how quickly our hair fades, heck, even fashion icons Kelly Osborne and Mary Kate Olsen rocked gray locks. Right now, the majority of my hair is a barely-lavender, washed-out shade of platinum gray. And I quite like it.

Whether it’s intentional or natural, gray can absolutely rock! Click through the slideshow to see some gorgeous girls rocking silvery shades.