Geisha Realness: Dancing On The Stage With Katy Perry At The AMAs

Hey guys!

So this past week I have been pretty busy prepping for the opening number for the AMA’s if you didn’t see! I was apart of Katy Perry’s beautiful performance to “Unconditional” to kick this years show off with a bang. I got to work with the amazing choreographers Nick Florez and RJ Durell. They work with Katy all the time and for a TON of other amazing artists such as Madonna, Spice Girls, PiNK, Selena Gomez, and so many more. The choreographers always have the option to make the job a job, or an experience. This time it was such an experience. From the moment of the first day of rehearsals, walking into a room with some of LA’s best dancers, being able to share the stage with Katy Perry, and to be able to learn and create a master piece from master minds. It was an honor walking into that room everyday. We put in so many hours of hard work, so many bruises and trial and errors creating it. There were tons of different parts to all seamlessly glue together that at the end fell into place oh so perfectly.

When we got to Nokia and put it on stage for the first time it was so surreal. I have never done the AMAs before. It isn’t the same as every other award show I have done. This one felt different. All the performances were so kick ass. Then we went to fit into our kimonos. I learned so much about the Geisha lifestyle and about that culture. We had a spiritual fitting getting individualized REAL kimonos! After the fitting Katy came in with suitcases of a bunch of clothes and things, I was so confused. Then I learned that every so often she comes and gives her dancers clothes, gifts and things!!! It felt like CHRISTMAS!!! It was so fun digging through all of her things taking stuff home! Can’t wait to share what I got!

After the crazy week of prep, it’s show day! I get to the theatre and ALL of my friends are there! Award shows are always so fun because a lot of artists have dancers for them and they are all my friends haha. So Pitbull, Justin Timberlake, JLO, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and more housed all my buddies! We all got to watch each others performances and hang out backstage. Brandi Cyrus was on the carpet for Buzznet and Keltie was there for OMG insider! It felt like being at home haha. Standing on the stage looking out into the audience seeing Ciara, Florida Georgia Line, One Direction Taylor Swift and Rihanna all watching me dance is always so insane haha. I look out into the audience during the performance once or twice and smile because it’s such a reminder of how much I love doing what I do. Is this my job?? I always ask my self-haha. When we finished the number I wanted to cry, half because I was sad the whole week of prep for the 5 min is over 🙁 and how happy I was to be apart of such an experience. I am glad I got to share it all with you through social media. Thank you for always following my journey and supporting me! Until next award show 😉 keep watching GLEE and The Voice 🙂 xo