Fashion Spotlight: Civil Clothing

Hey guys,

As you may know, my fashion is kinda all over the place. I can go from rocking skinnys and converse to high tops and a snap back to all black head to toe with tights and a skirt. I just like to wear what I like and do my own thing. That is why I am always on the prowl for new brands and designers!

Recently I have been seeing one brand that I fell in love with…CIVIL Clothing @civilclothing!

They recently were amazing enough to send me some of my favorite items…here is how I rocked them!

Beanie: This is just the usual look, you can wear it with a casual look or even with heels and a dressier outfit!

Shirt: I wore this with plain black jeans but could wear this with a long high low skirt or even a pair of patterned leggings!

Leggings: you can wear patterned leggings with a bold sweatshirt/top or just a plain shirt! I also wear them with wedge sneakers and even booties!

TADA! now go to their website order some awesome clothes and let’s see how YOU would rock them!

What are your thoughts on this clothing line?