Exclusive Interview With For The Foxes!

Hey Music Loving Pals,

Here is an exclusive interview I did with the talented lads in For The Foxes!

How do you feel you guys stand out amongst other artists in your genre?

I feel like we bring back a few decades with a modern twist. We take a lot of influence from the 50s and 80s specifically.

What has been the most challenging part of being in a touring band? Most rewarding?

Most challenging would be being away from home for a long time and away from family. Most rewarding would be meeting all of the amazing people that we meet and seeing the world.

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue music for your career?

Hmm this is a tough one. I started playing drums when I was seven and have been consistently playing since then, but I think I really realized that I wanted to pursue music as a career when I was 18.

As of now what is your favorite song off your most recent album?

We are in between albums right now so I’m really excited about the new stuff. As for the last ep we released I’d have to say “running back to you” is my favorite.

You guys have been touring for a long time now. Tell us your favorite spots to play in the U.S and overseas!

On this tour we really got to see a lot of amazing cities. South Florida has always been really great to us and the weather is always on point. As for overseas, we have only been to the UK once but it was incredible.

You guys are currently on tour, how has that been? Any favorite cities?

This tour has been great, all of the bands have been hanging out together so much which makes it a lot of fun. As for favorite cities, top three would be, NYC, Orlando, Salt Lake City. Crowds were insane.

If you could put together your huge dream tour, who would be on it with you and what would your dream tour bus look like?

Oh man this is tough! Alive or dead? Let’s assume alive haha. Would love to tour with the killers, the beach boys, or haim. Our tour bus would be designed by Prince, aka all velvet everything. Flat screens on the reg, fresh juice on the reg, fine cheeses on the reg, dope wardrobe on the reg.

What is one song you’ve heard this year that you wish you wrote?

“The Wire” by Haim or “Obvious Bicycle” by Vampire Weekend

What is the best advice you can give someone who is trying to follow their dreams?

Be the best that you can possibly be at your craft and be kind to people. Don’t stress out and try not to party too hard ; )

Any last words for your fans and the readers of Buzznet?

Thanks for sticking with us! We’re heading into the studio in January to record our first full length so get ready for new music this spring! See you soon

What is YOUR favorite song from For The Foxes?