Emma Stone Is Flawless And You Know It: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday to the amazing Emma Stone!! A chick this fabulous deserves a post dedicated to her and more! Emma Stone is not just my favorite actress, but she is also one of my favorite celebrities. She always has me laughing, but she also speaks out on serious issues. She’s an all around great person! In honor of Emma’s birthday, let’s breakdown all the reasons why Emma Stone is just so amazing.

First of all, she’s gorgeous.

I mean, seriously.

Look at this smile!

There are tons of stars who are good looking, but Emma is gorgeous inside and out. Not only is she attractive, but she also has a fantastic personality! She is sarcastic and hilarious, but she is also humble. That is one quality that I really like to see in celebrities.

Emma also gives the best interviews! Funny girl, this one. Awkward, but in the best way possible.

And of course, she is an incredible actress! Most of my favorite movies, she has touched in some way. Zombieland, Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, the list goes on.

Soooo many good movies! And let’s not forget about this wonderful Saturday Night Live treat!

She also wins all the awards for cutest couple with her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

Such chemistry between these two!

But really, just look at these two.

Super hawt! If all of this doesn’t make you love Emma Stone as much as I do, then you’re hopeless, but I still love you.

Happy Birthday Emma! I look forward to you making me laugh for many more years! Stay classy, lady!

What do YOU like most about Emma Stone?

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