Emerging Talent: Valley Maker

It amazes me how many different places I have disocovered new music. In this case, I discoverd Valley Maker when his song was playing in the backgorund of a Youtube video. I was immediately struck by how beautifully simplistic his sound is. Of course I went to ITunes and bought some of his music and listenined to it for hours.

Austin Crane started releasing music in college in Columbia, South Carolina under the name Valley Maker; realizing his first full length album in his final year of school. His second album, “Yes, I Know I’ve Loved This World” was relased in August of this year after he moved to Seattle.

A big reason I love Valley Maker is because his music has such a relaxing quality to it that I have never heard in any other artist before. He also has a very unique, soulful, voice that really adds to the lyrics.

The song that introduced me to Valley Maker, that I illuded to earlier is called “Another Way Home”. This song completely mesmerized me with its beautiful guitar, lyrics, and the Amy Godwin’s vocals that appear in this song. Their vocals go great together.

I expect nothing but great things to come from Valley Maker in the future and I highly suggest you go and check out more songs from him!



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