Dog Shaming: The Thanksgiving Edition

If you are the guardian of a furbaby (dogs, to be exact), chances are that you’ll have something for your precious 4 legged friend to eat as you feast with your human family. Hopefully you won’t be feeding your pets any of the following naughty things and sharing the good things in the photo below:

Granted, don’t over-stuff your furbaby, either. They need small portions and not huge portions or else:

Since our furbabies sometimes manage to not listen and do whatever they want, this makes a holiday that’s centered around food a true trial of temptation for our pups. With all the commotion in the kitchen, our bbs are sure to get into some trouble. Let’s take a look at some hounds that managed to do what they weren’t supposed to and ended up being blasted on

I hope you and your four legged friends have a happy Thanksgiving! Keep your dogs safe by not feeding them the wrong things or over feeding them. Don’t forget to post your own Thanksgiving dog shaming in the comments below! Have a good one!