DIY Tuesday – Renovations at the #BubbleGoth HQ

Hey Moon Babies…

I’ve been teasing my fabulous swap meet finds over the past months but didn’t wanna show them off until they were ready…well, I have finished my favorite piece – candy colored carousel unicorn!

This baby cost me exactly $40 and it came rusty with coats and coats of brown paint. Who would decide to paint a carousel horse the lovely shade of shit brown remains a mystery…


2 cans of paint remover, many metal brushes and several days after really getting into it, I had stripped the last piece of ugliness off it…thank God I had a unicorn horn (from the army of love video) laying around so the carousel horse could upgrade into a carousel unicorn. Fab! What a perfect item for the #BubbleGoth HQ!

I’m so in love with it…hopefully this piece becomes something that my eccentric grand children will cherish and fight over.

Check out the gallery for renovation pics…they’re very Breaking Bad.



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