DIY Tuesday – Make Your Own #BubbleGoth Wallpaper!

Happy DIY Tuesday, Moon Babies:)

I wanna share share with you a really dope idea I came up with while building the BubbleGoth HQ into a real life Gothic dollhouse –

DIY Wallpaper!

Great wallpaper needs some serious tracking down and even then, it can be pretty pricy. I’ve been drooling over some stuff on eBay but all of it is like $200 a roll and I was thinking – there’s gotta be a way to cheat this.

My inspiration came from cruising at Michaels during Halloween. It’s a fun time to go shopping cause you can get skull everything. Most of it looks pretty cheap but sometimes you come across real gems like these skull paper plates I found for about $3 each. “Wallpaper!” I thought…”I want to have pastel skull wallpaper!” How BubbleGothTastic!

And it turned out pretty sick, costing me about $20 in total. My mother who is also super into renovating and reworking stuff said she has been adding appliqué to the furniture using floral cocktail napkins and she’s stoked with how it looks.

Can you imagine the possibilities! My toilet pot is gonna be decked out in butterflies next!

Here’s what you need:

-paper plates or napkins


-spray glue (optional – I used it to glue the paper skulls on the wall)

-clear coat of paint/finish

Not much else in instructions than to cut out the shapes, glue them to the surface using the finish, spray glue or mod lodge (anything that sticks, goes) and cover the whole thing with clear finish. Done!

Check out the pictures of the process in the gallery and don’t forget to show off yours during MoonChild Monday!<3



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