Community Happenings: Buzznet’s Thanksgiving Shenanigans

Happy Turkey Day time, Buzznet! As we all unbuckle our belts and get ready for pie, there are a few things that I need you all to do! Our time honored tradition of Hand Turkeys is back. Feel free to add your hand turkey to our Collab Gallery and let us know what you’re thankful for this year.

To add your marvelous Hand Turkey, CLICK HERE!

Also, I want to see the food that you’re eating for Turkey Day. I’ve dug up a super old gallery called “Feed My Fridge.” Hopefully we get a few more new plates that show us what you’ve been eating this Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to look at your delicious nomz!

Mmm PIE by Rihanna

To add your delicious meals so we can judge you on the internet, CLICK HERE!

Also, don’t forget to do this week’s Buzznet Storytellers Assignment, which is all about being thankful. Add your story HERE!

Look at Tina’s awesome post:

Easy peasy! Won’t you join us?