Buzznet Storytellers #37: Thanks!

For this installment of the Buzznet Storytellers, we are using the America holiday that is all about giving thanks: Thanksgiving! Lady Lory has asked us to tell the internet what we are all thankful for. I am trying to think of things but I can’t right meow because someone just sent me this photo and I am dying:

~ Thankful for the LoLz ~

At the risk of sounding contrived and cliche and awful, I am thankful that I am alive. If I weren’t, well, there is no point in even asking that because I wouldn’t be able to ponder that very thought. Being alive is:

Yes, Dean. Thanks for helping me out with that.

What’s so awesome about being alive? Well, everything really. No matter how awful things get, remember that you’re alive and able to feel all these feels. I am not saying that things being awful is cool because trust me, they’re not.

Like the old saying goes, “When it rains, it pours”

You just have to realise that those feels always end. Once they are over, things get relatively better. I have had many feels and despite the depression, the anger, and all the other awfulness, everything turns around. It may not seem like it, but it does.

When you get to that point where you can look back and realise that stuff is over, all you can really do is TWIRL:

Anyway, BEING ALIVE. It’s awesome because you get to have experiences and eat food and make friends and do all kinds of rad things. IDK when my time here on earth will stop but until then, I am going to everything I can that makes me happy. Even when I feel gross, I’ll remember that I am here and breathing and I’ll be okay.

Posi vibes, y’all. Hugs and kisses, xoxo,


PS: Here’s a hand turkey I made because reasons –

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