How To Beat Stress?!

Dear stress, we know you so good. Sometimes you changing us and the way as we see the world. But don’t worry, we know how to beat you. We will remember about you but with happiness and freedom.


Yeah, I know that this is weird but I thought about the way how I can show you some problem. In the world is something what kills us, you know that this is stress.

He makes me worse and I do stupid things. Yep, I can cry and I don’t believe in myself in these moments when he is around me. I feel like a little girl in the bad, darkside place. I wanna scream “why it happened me?” But why?? Stress it part of us, he sometimes help us too. You know it’s a good motivator to realization dreams. But I want to show you some ideas to beat him!!! Are you ready??

1. Take care about health. We have just one life and this is gift. Don’t lost him too early. We must to eat healy food, you know vegetables, fruits and drink a lot of water.

2. Sport and dance will make you better. Yoga is good idea too.

3. Spend time with family and friends.

4. Find your hobby. Don’t lost time for stupid things, just do what you really love.

5. Read a lot, it will open your mind.

6. Music will bring you good vibres.

7. Think about positive things, don’t try back to painfull past life.

8. Watch funny movies.

9. In stressful situations try to imagine something what is close to your heart. Optimism is a key to happiness!!!

10. Believe in yourself.