Artist Spotlight: Exclusive Interview With Luke Christopher!

I recently was introduced to an artist at an event, checked him out and really liked him. He goes by the name, Luke Christopher, and I think you will dig his music 🙂

For people who have yet to check you out, how would you describe your sound?

My sound sort of blends genres, it’s definitely hip hop but its also more. It could have a hook that sounds Coldplay-esk and then verses that sound much more hip hop.

Do you remember the moment that you first discovered your love for music?

I remember when my pops would play stevie wonder and the beatles in the car on long drives when I was really young, thats definitely when i first started being aware of how into it I was. And then I remember getting into hip hop when I heard Can’t C Me by Tupac for the first time, and then I went and copped Jay Z’s Black album aha as if they relate.. from then on I got into the early 90s shit heavy.

Who has been your biggest inspiration throughout your career so far?

I think Kanye has, in terms of being a producer and a tastemaker as well. I’m into art, fashion, and film as well and I definitely want to be multidimensional.

You got to work with Asher Roth for your song “Roof Tops”, tell us more about that!

Asher’s a real cool dude.. he’s in it for the music and I always respect that about artists because thats the way I am. hell always be a homie for getting me my first real exposure.

You are not only a singer you are a producer, rapper and songwriter, elaborate on this impressive list!

When I started doing music I didn’t really know the difference between any of the titles.. like I just started rapping at first, then I couldn’t find the beats with the sound I wanted, so I started producing. Same goes with hooks, like i couldn’t find any singers with the voice i needed so i started singing. I feel like it was a blessing in disguise cuz I have so much control over my music now.

What are some significant moments that stand out to you so far in you career?

Definitely when Common told me he wanted to jump on a record I had. He’s always been a big inspiration rap-wise. He heard my music coming from our room when he was in the parking lot of the studio I was working at and came in and just listened to shit for an hour. It was crazy, he hopped on the record and it ended up going to Power 106 right when I dropped it.

If you could put together your dream tour, who would be on it and describe your dream tour bus!

Haha, man that’s tough.. I think it would be me, Coldplay, Passion Pit, and Lorde. Just on some weird dope shit. My bus would have a crazy ass studio in it with enough equipment to drop a project while on tour!

What is one song you heard this year you wish you wrote?

‘hold on were going home’ by Drake

What do you love most about writing songs for other artists? What is the most challenging part?

I actually like just being able to head in a completely different direction than the direction I head in when I’m doing my own shit. As a producer its dope to mess around with different genres.

When song writing do you have the song then find the artist or is it more common to have the artist then the song?

Most often I’ll get to know the artist I write for. It helps when it comes to just the lyrics and the words they would use. But every once in a while I write just a random song just cuz I feel inspired, and it may be completely off the wall, but then I’ll play it for an artist later and they’ll want it, so it happens both ways I guess.

For those trying to follow in your footsteps, what advice do you have about following your dreams?

It’s all about not stopping at anything, as cliché as it sounds. I had countless adults and peers coming up to me taking me as a joke cuz I wanted to rap throughout school… when people would ask what do you want to do, I’d be like rapper, and they’d look at me like I was crazy, but I used that as fuel. Put the time in and have the dedication and you got a shot…

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