15 Pictures Of Jennifer Lawrence Having The Most Fun On A Red Carpet Ever

Jennifer Lawrence seems like she genuinely loves her work and her fans. It’s one of the many reasons that she is so endearing. The fact that she’s an Oscar winner doesn’t mean she’s any less excited about her new movie, Hunger Games Catching Fire, or the fans that love the series.

There’s just something about these pictures of the actress, 23, having such a great time at the Rome premiere of the movie that are so sweet and fun. It’s not even the first premiere she’s gone to for this exact same film. But there she is, dancing, teasing her costars (handsome men Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, no less), and… possibly leading the wave?

Whatever Jennifer’s doing in life seems to be working because the girl is so loveable, does great work, and seems like she’s having a wonderful time through it all.