Welcome Nash Overstreet To The Buzznet Family

What’s up BUZZNET! I’m excited to finally be part of this community, and share my life with whoever may be interested…. or extremely bored.

I grew up in Nashville TN, also known as music city USA; and it’s definitely an accurate title judging from the way I grew up. My Mom (Julie) was a hairdresser and my Dad (Paul Overstreet) is a country singer / songwriter. Needless to say our house was fairly artistic. I’m so grateful that I was fortunate enough to get to go to “work” with my dad more often than not while growing up. I was constantly being surrounded by musicians, writers, producers, and everything else that goes on inside of the studios in nashville. I was homeschooled so I could tour with my dad, and opted to keep it up once I got to high school. I can say that I wanted to play in bands, travel, study music by actually working with people hands on (which is all true)….but let’s be real. NO ONE wants to actually wake up and go to learn anything at 7am!I ended up taking a gig with a girl named Rose Falcon when I was 17; and even though we dated, I DID get the gig on my own merits. We just happened to end up dating AFTER. I continued writing, recording, and putting together somewhat of an album on my own… but it wasn’t feeling like it was the right timing, or that I was ready.

When I was 19, I met Ryan Follese via a producer/guitar player named Gary Burnette (who had worked with Rose while I was in her band). Ryan was doing the exact same thing I’d been doing, and had asked Gary if he knew anyone that would want to get together and start up a band. We hung out, played pool, played video games etc… and Ryan’s dad suggested that we actually start writing together. It clicked, and many years and hurdles later, we end up with Hot Chelle Rae.

Right now, as Hot Chelle Rae, we’re in the middle of our 3rd full length album. We’ve been able to travel around the world doing what we love, and I can’t wait to put out the next single. We’re so excited to share what we’ve been working on with everyone, but it is torture keeping it top secret until the top of 2014.

I obviously do music, and a lot of it, but I was looking for a way to really share and express myself with the world in a more diverse way, and Buzznet seemed like the best fit. I love fashion, clothing, and design; as well as gadgets, current events, and a little bit of gossip. So I warn you; you may get more than you bargain for on here. I hope I can surprise many of you, and go deeper into who I am, how I see things, and what excites me.

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