UPDATE: Writing & Recording New Music In NYC

It’s 10:35am in New York City. Right now I couldn’t be happier about my decision to lay in my hotel room and do absolutely nothing (besides watch Breaking Bad). We’ve been writing as much as possible since ending our last tour of the year with Carly Rae Jepsen recently. At this point, thinking back on the last two years, we’ve written close to a hundred songs it seems. When you have a day off here and there, it’s hard to really focus on where you want/should/need to go creatively. It becomes more about just being glad you’re creating something new again. NOW, however, we’ve blocked out the rest of the year, and are writing towards a first single. We have more than enough material for an album or two; but that is not good enough in my opinion. It should be painful to choose which song to start off this album with, because they’re ALL great. That’s the goal at the moment. Constantly beating everything we’ve done.

That brings us to today. I can’t even remember the last time I was fortunate enough to spend a whole week here. Maybe I never have. Looking around, while sitting in the lobby getting caffeinated for the day, I’m noticing one of my favorite things about this city. Everywhere I look, it seems as though no one is satisfied. They’re all having a meeting or making a call; finding something to improve or move forward on. I love this. I never want to be done, or be ok with where I am currently at with myself. I want to constantly improve, and push myself to better at my craft, and as a person. Here… The work never stops. It’s part of what makes this place buzz.

As we push and push ourselves, basically taking no days off if we can help it, we are getting some of the coolest and most exciting songs we’ve ever gotten to be a part of out of this “last hoorah”, before we decide on which tracks will make the album. Even more exciting is the fact that I honestly can’t say what our album will sound like, because I don’t know myself. The songs will tell us, and soon. Right now, I have to finish my breakfast, and take off for the studio. Let’s hope the city inspires a magic energy today, and I thank God that we are blessed enough to be able to do what we love and call it a job.

Keep your eyes open.

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