A Supernatural Shopping Trip With Carrie White

I’m so excited for the remake of Carrie! I grew up watching the original when I was young and it scared the crap out of me! Not to mention that I love Chloe Grace Moretz so much. I think her and Julianne Moore are going to do the movie more then justice.

This movie got me thinking just how badass shopping with Carrie would be. She’s got some style and her telekinetic powers would make for an amazing shopping experience. I wish I could take her on my next shopping spree to avoid all the drama and hassle! Can you imagine how fabulous this would be?

Here are 10 reasons shopping with Carrie would be the most amazing shopping experience ever:

1. Instead of trying on every dress, we can spin them up in the air and get a 360-view to see if they’re worth trying on

2. If you need another size while you are in the fitting room, she can float up over the top and grab you the size you need. Rather than having to get dressed just to grab the next size up.

3. Clean up and putting all the clothing back on the hangers would be a breeze

4. If you picked up too many garments and weren’t able to carry them all, she could just float along side of you while you continue shopping. Hands free!

5. Virtual fitting in front of a mirror! You could see all your options in front of you to see what colors look best with your hair.

6. She could size and color coordinate the racks instantly for an easier shopping experience.

7. Carrie could easily grab something in your size from the top shelf that you simply can’t reach

8. If the mannequin is wearing the last size of a dress you want, she can quickly swap it out with a different one without anyone noticing

9. Carrie can virtually show you what accessories would look like by holding them up to everyone outfit you try on

10. When you get home from shopping, Carrie can quickly unpack everything and organize your new clothes

Would you guys want to go shopping with Carrie? How could her powers make your shopping experience the best ever?

Don’t forget to go see Carrie in theaters on October 18th!