Splurge Or Save: Army Jackets With Sayings

Military inspired army green jackets are a must have for this fall/ winter season. We’ve been seeing them inside our favorite clothing stores, online shops and celebrities, bloggers, musicians every where. Miss Jac Vanek started the trend of plastering sayings on the back of army jackets to give it a little attitude and edge and soon stores such as Forever 21 followed in her foot steps. Being an early 20 something usually means your bank account doesn’t have an endless supply of dolla bills to fork out to all your favorite designer trends. So when you want a staple piece such as a fashionable army jacket, do you splurge or save?

Jac Vanek It’s A Beautiful Day Vintage Army Jacket——->

Jac Vanek Jacket $99.00

Forever 21 Street-Chic Utility Jacket ———>

Forever 21 Jacket For $34.80

This leaves me with the question to you guys… What would you rather buy? Or better yet, would you find a vintage jacket in a thrift store and then paint your own saying on the back?

Comment with your thoughts below <3

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