Question Of The Day: Which Movies Remind You Of Your Childhood?

My brain hasn’t been working at all this week. It’s kind of just been there in my skull, jiggling around and telling me to take naps. Granted, I am always down for naps but this week has been super hard in that I haven’t really been motiviated to do anything at all. The only thing that I want to do is curl up in bed and watch movies and not worry about anything.

I don’t own a bunch of movies, but the one’s that I do own are pretty old and usually sci-fi/fantasy:

Legend is one of my favorite movies ever –

Tim Curry is flawless as Darkness

And this didn’t come out till way later but it’s still awesome and I watch it all the time:

Akira was probably one of the first animes that I ever saw. So. Good.

Staying in bed with awesome movies is perfect for the weather that’s cooling down a bit now. Whenever I watch these movies or any of the other ones I own, I am pulled back to my younger days. You know, the kind of days where all I had to do was stay in bed and do nothing.

Are you ready to talk about the movies you love? Feel free to share! We are all about sharing.

Which movies remind you of your childhood?