Question Of The Day: What’s Up With ‘Flaking?’

For today’s QOTD, we are going to talk about “flaking:

Thanks, Urban Dictionary

Whenever I make plans, I keep them. The only time that I will ever break plans is if something life altering happens and prevents me from keeping said plans. I am not even being dramatic. I am usually on time and I always show up when and where I say that I am going to be. It takes an act of God-zilla to prevent me from showing up to mostly anything:

If I know I am running late, I will text whomever it is that I am meeting. That never really happens though because I am usually always early to everything. I’m pretty awesome.

What does this all have to do with flaking? For me, not a whole a lot. I will say that I have had people flake out on me here and there. I get it. Stuff happens. It’s just pretty whack when the person flaking out says NOTHING. I mean, who does that? Whatever. I don’t carry books in my backpack for nothing. I’ll have a coffee at the place we were supposed to meet and read my book and HEX YOU WITH MY MIND.

Here are your q’s:

Have you ever flaked on anyone? Why? Has anyone ever flaked on you? How’d you feel about it?

Let me know in the comments down yonder and we can chat about your hex I will place on you for being a naughty. Go!