Question Of The Day: What’s The Scariest TV Show You’ve Ever Watched?

Is it beginning to feel like Halloween yet? Are the monsters under our beds being letting out the boogie men that you’ve locked away in the closet of your mind?

Hopefully not, because that seems pretty intense. Who knows what’s lurking up there in your strange brain. Whatever it is, I hope you keep it under wraps and only let the happy things out when you are here. That isn’t true. Hopefully this is a place where you post all your craziness. This is a judgement free zone.

Anyway, let’s talk about the TV and the QOTD. The rules for today’s Q is that you have a name a TV show episode that scared you. Easy, right? Here’s an example:

~ Everybody dance now ~

You should probably know where this is from. If you don’t, that’s good because this episode made me not want to blink, ever.

What’s the scariest TV episode you’ve ever watched?