Question Of The Day: Road Trip, Anyone?

Before my brain falls out of my head and crawls back home so it can go to sleep, I have decided to stab it with a Q Tip to make it do my bidding. Actually, my brain has been doing a lot of stuff this morning, minus that whole thing where I was trying to get it to sleep instead of being awake at 3 a.m for the umpteenth time in a succession of days.

We have things to talk about.

Road trips!

Well that made me laugh more than it should have. Thanks, Dobis P.R. Here is something that should’ve been here instead:

Have you ever been on a road trip? Is “road trip” a compound word or just two separate ones? IDEK. I also don’t really care. Well that isn’t true. I actually googled it so that I could make sure and it’s two separate words. I am rambling. I can’t stop.

If you haven’t been on a road trip, I highly suggest it. I’ve been on a a few throughout the great state of California and holy crap, California is GIANT. There are deserts, mountains, forests, and all kinds of crazy ass stuff that you would never really think is out there unless you saw it for yourself. I really do like driving every now and then to check out the state I live in.

I’ve also been on a few out of state road trips and those are fun too. I’ve been lost in many places. It’s a good time because it’s all new and when you don’t have a schedule to keep, it doesn’t really matter.

Some things for you:

Have you ever been on a road trip? Have you ever just hit the road and left your God foresaken town and GTFO’d? Where did you go? What did you do? Tell me things.

If you haven’t been on a road trip, fear not, for you can tell us where you would go if you did go on an adventure. Yay!

Go answer stuff in the comments below. TTYL!