Question Of The Day: What Are You Going To Be For Halloween?

For Halloween, I am going to be the Flower Boi in a wedding, so that should be fun. I ordered a mask from the internet but I don’t think that s**t is going to get here until next month. It’s coming from BFE and I totally didn’t read the shipping times. Le sigh.

MiesmesaBerni on Etsy

I’m not even upset that this mask is coming late. It’s going to be a cool thing to have in my apartment. Since that isn’t coming anytime soon, I had to look for something else. My franz that are getting married are way into Breaking Bad so I got a cook suit:


It’s going to be down to the wire if mai cook suit gets here on time. I also need to convince the bride that walking down an aisle of blue meth candy is funny. That’s funny, right? I’m starting to think that maybe people in recovery might not think that glorifying the meth cooking process is hilarz. 🙁

Well, I least I won’t be in black face like Julianne Hough because that is not even cute:

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Remember y’all, Halloween can go very right or very wrong. Let’s all keep our festivities festive and fun and not like the above. Feel free to ask me, Buzznet’s resident brown person with a vague knowledge of cultural appropriation any questions about your costume. With that being said, what are you going to be this year? If you are not playing this Halloween, what was the last thing you dressed up as? Let me know in the comments or I will be a SAD O’ LANTERN.

What are you going to be for Halloween?