Question Of The Day: What’s Your Favorite Skurrry Story?

When I was a little boyI used to live in corduroy OP shorts and slip on Vans My life was so simple I had not one pimple my every day was made up of these plans:

To ride my to Thrifty’sRun passed the balls and ice creamFind the Star Wars figurinesThinking of my action gripKung Fu grip and all,What happened to them all?

I hope you have enjoyed Aquabats Lyric Hour in a blog about scary stories. I am not sure why I brought that up. I think that I was reminded briefly about my childhood in regards to today’s Q. The awfulness of my childhood was wiped away when I heard The Aquabats. Whenever the wound of my youth is re-opened, I retaliate with Aquabat lyrics as I curl into a ball and retreat to my happy place. Why was my childhood awful? Oh because Mexican parents have messed up stories that they tell their kids.

The ‘rents tell you these things so that you do whatever they want. If you are an unruly youth, you can be stolen away at night by La Llorona. La Llorona STEALS children away. Oh and she screams. She is a party.


Anyway, La Llorona is probably my favorite scary story. If you didn’t click the link, La Llorona is a lady that drowned her kids. When she tried to go kick it with Jesus, he was all LOL NO GIRL because she lost her kids. So then J Man was all you can come chill in the VIP section of HVN when you find the babies you drowned because your baby daddy did a smash and dash and kicked you to the curb. So now she just hangs out near lakes and rivers (because you always go to the place where you lost something, right?) and screams at night as she wanders around. Oh and that’s why your supposed to be home by the time the street lights come on. The end.

We also have El Cucuy. That’s our version of the Boogieman and it eats you if you are naughty. Needless to say, I behaved for the most part but I still managed to be a little hellion. Once those stories didn’t work, I got to go to church and learn about hell, so that was fun.

What’s your favorite scary story?