Question Of The Day: What Are You Doing Today?

On Saturday, I usually don’t do too much but sleep in. Today was different though. I got up pretty early and started to mess with my Snapchat. It’s kind of annoying but one of my franz wanted me to get it so we could bother each other in a new way. Then I decided to make a video:

Pretty spooky, right?

And then I made another one:

As I made videos, Moo wasn’t having it. She wanted to go on a walk. It occured to me that I could walk her and then make a video of her walk. Then I made this:

And that’s pretty much all I’ve done today. I also went to get some food and now I am writing this. I wonder what the rest of my day has in store for me. Probably nothing because I am boring. I hope your day is a lot more fun than mine.

What are you doing today?