How To Be A Palm Reader 101

Palm reading is the esoteric practice of using the lines on someone’s hands in order to predict their personality and elements of their future. This is a paid service with a long tradition and one that many people have an interest in. Here we will look at some of the basics of palm reading as well as whether or not there is any chance of the predictions produced being accurate.

Is Palm Reading Real?

Palm reading has been around for centuries and so developed before we had a full understanding of our biology or the way our personalities are created. However more modern findings have in some cases provided some potential support for practices such as palm reading that look for a link between physical characteristics and personality traits. For instance it has been shown in some studies that the difference in length between our index finger and our middle finger can in some cases be indicative of higher or lower testosterone, and other studies have demonstrated such findings that suggest individuals with blue eyes and blonde hair may be less assertive than those with darker colorings.

To get started take a look at your right hand. The details of palm reading differ from source to source, and while some sites say that the right hand represents destiny while the left represents your present, others will work exclusively with the right hand. For the sake of this article we will be doing the latter. So look at your right hand, or a friend’s right hand and then try to identify the following lines.

The Life Line

The life line begins just above your thumb on the right edge of your hand and then curves downward to roughly the center of your palm. This line represents your life and how you will live it, so a good life line is one that’s nice and long and thus denotes a full and healthy life. Lines crossing all the easy through the life line meanwhile are more about bumpy rides. Possible health issue’s or less then fun life lessons. ( remember this is fun / don’t take any of it to serious )

The Head Line

This is the line directly above your life line, and the one that runs roughly parallel to it and that may start in the same point. Your head line meanwhile is the line that is believed to represent your mind and the way you think and this also correlates with IQ. The longer your head line, the more intelligent you are believed to be. Meanwhile if your head line is curved then this indicates creativity and suggests you are also highly creative.

Where the head line intercepts with other lines this suggests that they are ruled by your head and by ‘logic’. So for instance if your head and life line start at the same point then this suggests that you lead a more structured and less impulsive/adventurous life.

The Heart Line

Your heart line begins on the left side of your right hand and runs horizontally under your fingers. The heart line is of course indicative of your passions and romance. A deep line suggests a highly passionate and romantic life, whereas a light one is associated with less fiery passions. It is also said that if your heart line ends under your ring finger that your will be happily married. As with your life line, crosses straight through your heart line reflect trauma – each one is a heart break. And if your heart line runs parallel to your head line then this means someone whose heart is ruled by their head.