So This One Time I Was On Set With Robin Williams!

A few weeks ago a very good friend of mine called me and said “hey, the show iI’m working on needs a gal with tattoos for some background work…it’s for Robin Williams new show ‘The Crazy Ones‘ and you’ll be paid…you down?!”

I of course was down and so excited, because DUH who wouldn’t want to experience that! It was so much fun Robin loved my tattoos and I got to see just how amazing he was on and off set. Here is the scene I was a part of.

Hey look it’s me in the back!

So now that I am clearly a famous actress I am trying to find ways to live life normally again 😉 JK. But it was really fun and I am so thankful for that opportunity!

‘The Crazy Ones’ is on cbs every Thursday! Watch the other episodes HERE!

What did you think of the clip? Have you watched the show?

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