Not Just For Summer! How To Wear Crop Tops This Fall

Crop tops were the biggest trend of the summer, but you don’t have to resign to wearing only full shirts just because it’s Fall. How boring would that be?!

The key to wearing crop tops in cooler weather is to choose seasonal fabrics, minimize exposed skin, and layer, layer, layer.

Go double-duty on your summer essentials and wear both a crop top and jean shorts in the colder weather. Add some patterned tights to cover your legs, and pick a crop top in a heavier fabric. Also, make sure the shorts are high waisted so you don’t show that much skin. A colorful hat will add even more Fall vibes.

Wear a high-waisted full skirt with a long sleeve crop top. Top it off with a denim jacket and add some fun accessories.

Defy common sense and wear a crop top, in the cold weather, for a night out! Make up for the bare skin on your midriff, by covering up your decolletage with a cropped turtleneck! Rock it with a maxi skirt and layer on a faux fur vest. Stick to the rockstar aesthetic with studded and silver accessories.

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