The Newest Internet Craze?!

And we’re all kind of asking… why?

Warning: This is either going to piss you off or excite you.

There’s a new craze flooding the internet similar to “Planking,” “Breading,” “Owling,” “Vadering,” “Pottering” and more. In case you’re living under a rock, and have absolutely no clue what these are all about: Basically these are all part of a “game” that anyone can participate in online. Participants will have someone take a picture of them making a specific funny “trending” pose, and then they upload it to their social media sites for others to see and share. It’s all for fun and laughs. Well… maybe for some it’s actually about winning… but who knows. And how does one “win” exactly? By creating the funniest, most talked about/shared, and probably most dangerously taken-photo. Weird? Maybe. Either way, these trends are big enough that we’re left all talking about them. So, apparently “Twipping” is the new trend sweeping the nation, where people post pictures of themselves falling down the stairs on Twitter.

Yes… I’m serious.

Once upon a time, it was incredibly embarrassing if you fell down the stairs and someone happened to see it. Not anymore. Now, you post it for the world to see and share.

People are now locked and loaded with their cameras on anytime they approach the stairs, hoping for a genius photo of them busting their butts.

That, or they’re literally spending their free time trying to “fall” down the stairs in attempts to get a good photo.

My personal favorite: The self-taken “I fell down the stairs-yet-my camera and photo was not affected-” shot. ^^ That or it’s some weird kind of stair-twerk.

There have been numerous reports of people being injured by attempting these types of photos, and this one almost insures that you’ll end up with an sweet ER visit or at least a sprained ankle.

So what do you think? Hate it? Love it? Currently taking a photo of yourself “Twipping” right this moment?

Xo Mindy

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