Must-Have Sneakers For Fall

Ladies and gents,

I am so excited to start shopping for Fall. I am from the East Coast so I always get excited for the rare occasion that I can wear layers here in LA!

Fall to me means, sweaters, layers, tights, boots and Pumpkin Spice everything. As a sneaker fan I decided to do a post on what sneakers I think are necessary to add to your wardrobe for this season. I even included some pictures of me rocking my own!

1. Converse: These go great with jeans, skirts with tights, dresses and well pretty much everything!

2. A Wedge Sneaker: This adds some height as well as an urban feel that dresses up your whole outfit!

3. Platforms: These are my fave thing from the 90s so I think if you can wear them…wear them with anything and everything!

4. The Comfy Sneaker: These are essential for days where you want to wear leggings or sweatpants to run errands or if you want to go with a more sporty look!

What are your favorite sneakers?