Monday Inspiration: Friendships. Pick Them Wisely.

Happy Monday again friends!

Sorry I have been working on the TV show GLEE! 😀 and traveling teaching a ton, so I haven’t been on my computer much. I was very inspired by this quote I stumbled upon today and had to write about it.

The past months I have been realizing what certain friends and people in my life do for me. I am not saying “do” as in who gives me gifts and takes me places. I am saying “do” as in, what do they do for me to make me better, to make me happy or more fullfilled as a human being.

There are a lot of people out here in Los Angeles that are “draining”. I am completely guilty of holding onto people in my life that do nothing for me. They almost make me feel shittier about myself at times. I know your sitting there saying, “well wtf Dani practice what you preach?” Yea, I know. It’s hard! I feel bad, I want to change and help people all the time so I keep these life suckers around to hopefully shed some light on them, but at the same time they are killing me.

It’s a battle I fight all the time but I have gotten a lot better at it.

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY:. Again, this is a saying we hear often but it should be implemented into friends as well. A handful of GOOD friends is better than a dozen of shitty ones.

You know those friends who really inspire you to achieve more, to step outside your comfort zone, to take chances, and who will call you out on your shit? (thats the kind of friend I am lol) But those are the ones you should be keeping around, and hold close. No matter how mad you get at them at times, know that they love you and they just want to help you be better because you would do the same for them.

Wouldn’t you rather have someone call you out by saying your doing something dumb so you can stop it then just sitting there watching you embarrass your self? …

VALUE YOUR FRIENDSHIPS: So once we establish these great cronies. It is now time to learn how to keep them healthy and strong. Good friends are like family members. You are going to have your ups and downs. Now with all these social media outlets, twitter, facebook, and instagram, we constantly are aware of what our friends are doing at all times. So we lose that special thing of “checking in” and “catching up” since I already know what my friend Courtney did all weekend in San Francisco with her boyfriend and his family on the boating trip…. But what I am saying is, don’t lose that. Still call your buddy, talk about what their day is going to be or like, meet up and catch up personally rather than relying on these outsources to keep you in the loop. It will make for a way healthier friendship.

To reinstate the quote about that inspired this blog: There are a ton of people out there. We only have one short life to live. Don’t fill it with unnecessary things that won’t make it memorable and fun. You have to live your life to its fullest potential. And those who you surround yourself with are either going to take you higher or bring you down. So take a look at who surrounds you. maybe bring some in closer, and put some at an arms length. YOUR happiness is in YOUR control 🙂

Have a beautiful week! xo