Mimi K’s Fall GIF Challenge

It’s unbelievable how time flies and we already are in Fall season

Yes, I am!

Also this 2013 is going to end BUT every time a new month begins I usually love to express a wish or I try to plan something I wanna do for the next 30 days…


I would like to start with what already happened to me and what I did in those last days…

On October 1, I was in Milan for Moreno’s concert. He’s an Italian rapper, he won the last edition of the most famous Italian talent show AMICI and he’s amazing, you can check the photos I shot HERE

I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to see him again soon 🙂

This GIF definitely represents EVERYTHING.

I love these words and yes, last Sunday I watched the final episode of DEXTER‘s season 4, DAMN, I was completely shocked and today it starts the fifth one. CAN’T WAIT!!!!

Definitely DEXTER is my favorite tv show of 2013, I already said it after have seen the first episode at the beginning of the year and I say it again NOW!

But there’s also another tv show that associates with me during this fall and it’s ONCE UPON A TIME, it’s on air with season 2 right now in Italy :p

BUT… There are other things I’m planning to do like celebrating my 15th anniversary as Britney Spears fan on October 24… oh Gosh, I can’t believe it’s passed too much time, for me it seems just yesterday when I started to follow a lovely girl with pigtails in school uniform.

There’s my name-day on October 20 too so yaay super party!

I think I will drink a lot of teas during those Fall afternoons, I love drinking tea, my favorite flavours are vanilla and peach.

There’s also the boring part of studying (a lot) because I hope to get three exams this month (please, crossed your fingers and hope that I pass them all) and I hope to find a apprenticeship too for the next month.

Definitely I won’t to stress myself a lot since in this last period I wasn’t feeling really really good, I get sick pretty often lately (something never happened to me in almost 23 years of my life) and I have to say that this 2013 hasn’t been really good for me talking about health :/

By the way, it’s Halloween this month eheheh

In Italy it became a trend in the last 10/12 years but definitely if I lived in USA I would like to celebrating in YOUR awesome style, going party all dressed up and having fun.

I usually celebrate it in the spiritual and magic way and of course watching a horror movie, I still have to decide which one to pick this year though…

Last year I bought few Halloween cookies, if I found them again I get them also this year, otherwise if I have time I could bake some Halloween cupcakes 😉

I wanna finish my blog talking about what I love about Fall…

well, I really love the colours of the nature, all those orange/brown/red tones of the leaves fall down the trees, I love the smell of the chestnuts (when I was young I usually pick a chestnuts sack with my daddy when we hang around the city, I have this lovely memory in my mind every time I smell that arome among the streets) and I love the sunny days that are different of the Summer sunny days, I don’t know how to explain but there’s something of magic in Fall sunny days that I don’t see in Summer ones.

I really wish to all of you a lovely Fall season.