Message To All The Moon Children From The Rainbow Prince

I’ve been going through massive changes in my life lately so I’ve been asking for guidance, doing spiritual work and playing around with my tarot and oracle decks a bit more often than I usually do. I did a reading this morning and thought I’d also pick a card and deliver a message to all the Moon Babies. This card comes from one of my favorite oracle decks called “the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” created by Colette Baron-Reid and I love these cards cause they’re pretty friendly while still telling you exactly how it is. What makes this deck unique is that all the cards can appear as an ally (upwards) or a challenger (downwards), which makes it easy and fun to read. Also the artwork is simply stunning.

I asked for a message and out jumped the Rainbow Prince, which is such an amazing, inspiring card and speaks deeply with what I’ve been feeling lately. He appeared as an ally so this is definitely a pat on the back.

Here is his message:

When the Rainbow Prince appears as your Ally, he remids you about the Law of Compensation and the Law of Receiving. After the rainstorm you’ve endured on your journey, the Rainbow Prince brings you a pot of gold, which is the reward for using all your inner Light. This isn’t always easy, but hard work is always rewarded by compensation. When you align yourself with the energy of giving the highest value, your compensation is inherent in the act itself. But the message here is more than that: the Rainbow Prince says to keep your sights on the sky after the rainstorms that may have upset your life. Follow your bliss to the pot of gold waiting for you. Preservance pays off and your reward will be greater than you can imagine.



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