What It Means To Be A Music Fan In 2013

Here’s what it means to be a music fan in 2013. See if you agree.

Following your favorite band/band members on twitter … and then tweet at you — and then you DIE!

Being okay with additional charges for concert tickets…

Because you got the pre sale code anyway!

Your wardrobe becoming band ts…

Because what better way to promote them then right on your chest!

Pre ordering an album, and then sitting at your computer watching it download at 12:01 am!

Hunting down rare merch on eBay because you can’t get enough, and you NEED the first pressing of the vinyl release!

Going to Warped Tour every summer and meeting your favorite bands…

And discovering new ones.

You agree with THIS.

Knowing the tour routing and when they’re in the US vs overseas.

Watching music videos over and over AND OVER to make the perfect gif…

…. Or interviews.

Waiting anxiously for new announcements on their Facebook accounts and making a new status to “break” the news before all your friends.

Creating a fan account and supporting them 10 times more then their label.

Getting lyrics tattooed on your body because they’re what made you feel whole.

And saving all of your concert tickets because one day you will show them to your kids to explain what made you who you are today.

So, do you agree?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.