Mary Kay Beauty Tested: Brittany Approved + Get A Discount On Cosmetics!

Hey Beauty Lovers,

I recently was hit up by a high school pal to try out some of her Mary Kay products and even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about Mary Kay I said SURE! my surprise I really enjoyed everything!

What Is Mary Kay?!

Mary Kay cosmetics just celebrated their 50th anniversary this past September! The company is committed to enriching women’s lives. Whether you’re a consultant selling the product or a happy customer. Consultants are independent contractors of Mary Kay and can design their business however they would like. Some start their Mary Kay business to make a little extra money each week. Some start because they want an excuse for a girls night out every once and awhile. And others start their business as a full time career and set their own pace to work up the career path as fast or as slow as they’d like.

What I Loved:

I personally was a fan of the face wash/microderm scrub and all the lip colors! Here is my fave lip color I got 🙂

How to order and get a discount:

  • go HERE
  • Place your order
  • In the ORDER comments type in “BRITTBUZZ” and you will receive a discount! ( $15-$75 gets 10% off & every order over $75 gets 15% off!)

What do you think of my lip color and Mary Kay?