Let’s Talk Music: The 1975’s ‘Girls’ Music Video

The 1975 have posted a new music video for the ultra catchy single, “Girls.” This track was a real standout on their debut album this September, and I’m THRILLED they made a playful video for the song. Great use of color (yes color), humor and there are even a few small references to another popular music video from the past few months.

Here’s what front man Matt Heatly shared about the concept of the video:

“When we released our last video (Sex), people really reacted to the fact that it was in colour. There was a lot of conjecture and talk surrounding it – due to the fact that it was an unexpected stylistic change. It was brought to our attention that certain people thought we were ‘conforming to a record companies wishes’ along with other expected and unexpected clichés. Obviously this couldn’t be further from the truth, we are lucky enough to be surrounded by a group of individuals whose mantra centers on facilitating our creative wishes, we found the whole idea of us being told what to do fascinating. The story of the band who suffer at the hands of a record label shortly after a delirious rise is a tale as old as time. So we kinda wanted to make a tongue in cheek video about it. Twinned with our love of 80’s pop, it’s innocence, grandiosity and conceptual ideas in music videos – we wanted to make a video about a record label’s attempt at enforced conformity. We got our mate Adam down to a studio in Los Angeles at the start of our USA tour, got 4 models and made a video about us not wanting to make a video.”

Just wish they could of found some ladies who know who to at least hold their instruments.

But you tell me! Take a listen and let me know if you want to turn it UP or turn it DOWN!

Either way, #musicrules.

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