The Last Chapter Of Honor Society @ The Roxy

It only seemed fitting that I travel to the magical city of L.A to close a big chapter in not only my life but also this blog. I first discovered the guys of Honor Society in 08 and final had the chance to see what they were all about in 2009 thanks to the lovely folks of USA Pear. I knew I had stumbled on something pure and almost unreal. Flash forward to present day and 9 shows later the band I had spent time flowing, working closely with and fully trying to understand what they represent has ended

My blog has been filled with cool stuff with them. From articles to interviews to my personal favorite, The Summer Of Love tour blog takeover from Mike himself (Fun Fact: I used Mike’s tip about the interchangable tour bag for Warped..GUILTY).

I got LOTS of messages asking If I was going to make it to the last show and cover it. For a while the answer was no. Stuff happened and somehow I didn’t feel like it was necessary for me to be there. I was quickly reminded that a lot of you read my blog and follow my journey in music because of them. You joined BUZZNET and started blogging about your favorite music because you saw them on my page. Why not finish where it started.

The Roxy was where the show was held and I was almost a lost for words because the legends that have played that venue. Guns N Roses, Genesis, and Janes Addiction recorded the backings to my fav record there. Anyways, I met a girl early on in the night who had traveled 7 hours to see them. She was telling me how she discovered them, but more importantly how she hadn’t seen them in a LONG time. I asked her what made her come and her response was “I couldn’t end it with out a proper reminder on why I love them”.

The show was high energy, sexual, a tale with a tease. If you asked me how I would describe them, I would use that last part, “A Tale with a tease” They’re brilliant at telling a tale that is not only teasing us in all the right ways possible but also a reminder of DIRTY FUNKY ROCK (A la PRINCE). I was also very impressed with the amount of 80’s tribute thrown into the setlist (Queen, Michael, might of been some Metallica). You guys all know how much I adore “Run For Your Money”, but it was mixed with “The way you make me feel” (Gabbie Dies…If “Let me love you” by Mario was added in the set, I wouldnt be living to tell you this). I pretty much had my eyes closed the whole time just soaking in that moment.

We got a mixture of Fashionably Late as well as, A Tale of Risky Business Part 2. I was a little bummed that, This Bed Is An Ocean wasn’t added to the setlist. A long time fav of mine. It was also strange not to see the other part of Honor Society to the left of the guys. Let’s not forget that he was also a big part of that band. The night was bitter sweet, ending the set with, Don’t Close The Book. Almost everyone was crying and I got major goose bumps during the bridge. It was fitting, It told their tale beautifully.

These guys have been major supporters of me and this blog and I was lucky enough to call them friends. They each hold a special place in my heart. We’ve had our fair share of laughs, funny story telling, rough patches, but we made it through the hurricane. Things may be different. I encourage you to support them individually now.

“And The Rain Bleed Us Off The Page, Please Don’t Tell Me It’s The End Of The Story.”



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