Keltie’s New York Adventure Photo Diary

New York City is my fav city in the world so it is always fun to go there for work, and extra special fun when I had my days jam-packed with the most amazing adventures. The week started out with an interview with Miley Cyrus (and I ran into fellow Buzzmaker Brandi) and ended with a magical interview with John Legend. In between I got to enjoy a sold-out Sara Bareiiles concert, a Rockettes reunion and dinner with my soul sister Sara Urie (and a chance to see and hug Bden after…man…5 years?) There is so much history there, and it’s hard for me, because you know, I probably could have handled myself with a little more class and grace….and now to be “grown up” and past all that, it’s embrrassing to have to face people who knew you acted like a werido….but he was lovely (and I LOVE the record) I also got the chance to interview Kelly Clarkson AND BUY MYSELF the FIERECEST pair of shoes ever. Basically, it was amazing.

I landed in LA this am at 3 am and went to work at 5 am, so I’m running on zero sleep but I did want to share all these amazing photos. I hope you like them. How was your week? xx

ps. did I mentioned I was also on Lance Bass‘s radio show last night on Sirus XM? zzzzzz