Katy Perry’s ‘Prism’ Sure Is a Spectrum Of Colors (And Emotions)

Katy Perry has released the followup to her MEGA successful sophomore album, Teenage Dreams today titled Prism. The 16-track album is filled with a variety of emotions, sounds and colors. Prism has dance tracks you will blast with your friends before you hit the town, love songs filled with pain and discovery of growth and then we have the empowering tracks Katy has become known for.

It’s an impressive body of work and 100% Katy Perry. The album has her sass, her point of view and her ultra sweet pop sound with the perfect touch of edge. Katy sure has flexed her music muscles on this album and is offering fans a true spectrum. Here’s just a taste of what you can look forward to via the color spectrum.

Hear the rainbow…

Red – Passion “Unconditionally”

Orange – Adventure “This Is How We Do”

Yellow- Cheerful “Birthday”

Green – Growth “Love Me”

Blue- Hope

Purple – Magic “Spiritual”

White – New Beginings “By The Grace Of God”

Black – Power “Dark Horse”

Get Katy Perry’s Prim dirctlyrics here.

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