If I Could Write A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self

I’ve been thinking a lot about the young lady I’ve become and am growing into. Every day I wake up and am so grateful for the fun and fulfilling life I’ve been leading and how I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am, especially in my career here at Buzznet. Some of the things I’m experiencing I would have never believed if someone told me at 15. I knew I had it in me and that I would make this music scene my career, but I wasn’t really sure to what extent it would happen or the things I’d get to experience. So here is my open letter to myself at 15 to remind myself to never forget where you came from.

My first ticket board

Dear Little Miss Kate,

You just went to your first Warped Tour this year, congrats! This is your first of 9 consecutive years of attending Warped Tour. You fell in the love with the festival lifestyle, the bands performing and the all the t-shirts you purchased at the merch tents (especially the pink Starting Line shirt). I know you are just starting to get into music and discovering new bands. Keep doing that, keep going to shows and making new friends. I know that you are interested in actually becoming a contributor to this music scene, you will. Don’t let people walk all over you or make you feel inferior on what you are capable of. Shake hands, be honest, help out developing bands with merch at shows, that’s how you’ll meet even more people. You’ll know how to treat other music fans, because you are one. Once your old enough, you’ll land your dream internships at some records labels and really start crafting real relationships. But you must show them that you are worthy of being trusted, creative, hard working, passionate and are consistently thinking three steps ahead of the normal. This will lead to other opportunities that you’ve dreamed of, but didn’t know would actually happen. Over time all the bands you currently love and look up to you’ll get to work with some day and they will respect who you are, what you do, trust you and heck even become your close friend.

Me & Panic! At The Disco in 2006

Steer clear of the girls who like bands for the wrong reasons, they taint this industry and it’s not a good idea to be associated with them if you want to be taken seriously. Sure, you might think some guys are cute and have crushes on them because you can’t help whom you’re attracted to but keep liking bands for their music. That’s been the reason since day one. You most likely have never thought about getting into concert photography, but you know what— you should start now. I never thought about it, until Buzznet started handing me photo passes to shows & now I love it.

Meeting The All American Rejects at my first Warped Tour in 2005

Mom might not understand why you have black nail polish on, but if you keep convincing her that Lauren Conrad & other blonde haired classy girls wear it, she won’t give you such a hard time. Dad is going to continue to feed into your concert obsession and then blame himself once you get up and move to Los Angeles to pursue your career. Enjoy those moments at concerts with your Dad, he loves you a lot & is bummed you won’t live in San Diego when your older. Always be yourself and say thank you to the mentors and people who help you along the way. The industry is small and you want to make sure you have a great reputation. You are going to get to a place where you’ll be helping out people who are just like you and it’s going to feel really good to pay it forward. I’m still growing and learning at 23 but I hope this helps with what’s next for you.. It’s your journey, make the most of it, sing loud, jump around and HAVE FUN.


23 Year Old Kate

PS— Even though you won’t see Yellowcard until you’re in your 20’s it’s worth the wait + you’ll get to see Ocean Avenue it it’s entirety & it will be one of the best shows of your life. (show review here)

How old are you? What stage are you at in life?

What would you say to your younger self?

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