Honest Talk: Why Is Everyone So Selfish?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while as I’ve personally been dealing with a lot of people in my life acting selfish. So this is my rant, opinion, suggestions on it. The music/ entertainment industry has always been a rough enough community to be apart of because of the manipulation and the jaded people who taint it. Being a passionate, driven and a hard working women in it, is just as rough. Both males and females feel threaten if you have ideas and take initiative. It’s competitive, it’s egos, it’s who has more instagram likes or twitter followers. I wish it wasn’t this way, but unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. I feel it’s only human to look after yourself and what’s next for you but at the same time don’t forget the ones who were there for you especially from the start. The one’s who gave you a pat on the back, who gave you your first recommendation on landing your first paid gig, who got you tickets into a sold out show, who connected you to your new best friend or romantic relationship. All of those things matter and you should appreciate said person for making that happen for you.

For me, I’ve always been one to treat others with respect, to give that recommendation, to give someone credit for an idea or exclusive they got, to make those email intros, to get a +1 to a show so my friend who loves said band can also come and to say thank you to the ones who helped get me where I am. And I never forget it, and keep it in mind when dealing with the next said thing we need each others help on. It feels good to pay it forward, especially after how I’ve gotten to where I am, it only feels right to give other people a chance. I know what it’s like to want something or need help and having someone in your life who is capable of making that happen is an amazing thing, don’t take them for granted or they will leave your life or not help you. There are some people who I’ve worked with in the past who I now dislike, but I’ve never broken ties or made a big deal about them because this industry is small and I don’t want drama.

I treat people the way I wanted to be treated. But lately, I haven’t been feeling appreciated. On both the internet and in person it feels like everyone is out for themselves and trying to out do one another on who knows who, who did what, whose going where. I’m sick of it. Why can’t others just pay it forward? Why can’t you say thank you when someone does a nice deed? Why do people feel threaten? Why does not helping others make you feel better? It’s gotten to a point, where sometimes I feel myself acting the same way back, which is was why I am writing this blog. I don’t want to be that person, I don’t want to surround myself with those who don’t appreciate what others do for you. Sometimes I think maybe said people really are just ignorant on how they’re being and effecting people. Who really knows.

I guess this leaves me with a question to you guys, do you deal with people in your life acting selfish?

How do you best suggestion dealing with people who have a selfish personality?

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